OC Counseling for Young Adults
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Joshua Soto, Marriage and Family Therapist Intern
Supervised and Employed by Dr. Renee Miller, PsyD, MFC 43207 Inc.
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“There are essentially two questions in life - a spiritual question and a material question.
The spiritual question is 'Who am I?'
​The material question is 'What am I to do with my life?'
​One leads to the other.” ~ Rasheed Ogunlaru

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Young Adults

Young adults face many challenges in balancing work, going to college, having healthy relationships with family, friends, and a partner in a relationship. Sometimes people can feel stuck with where they are in their life by different challenging issues, and want the life that they would like to have, and just need to take a step back to figure things out.

My work with young adults involves exploring their life purpose, helping them to find meaningful relationships, and developing an inner guidance to help them move forward in life. Individual therapy or counseling provides an open, supportive, and safe environment for you to address issues that concern you.

My work in counseling involves working in a partnership in assisting people to explore and identify more effective ways to cope with difficult situations and to achieve personal growth. Common challenges that people face can include personal relationships, major life decisions, and job or career uncertainty.
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